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What are the reflexology benefits for you?

Reflexology has numerous wellness benefits that include:

  • Reflexology Stimulates nerve function
  • Boosts Circulation
  • Induces Deep Relaxation
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Prevents Migrains
  • Improves urinary tract conditions
  • Speeds recovery after injury or surgery
  • Helps relieve sleep disorders
  • Reduces depression and
  • Relieves pain.

Furthermore, reflexology can help ease the treatment of various cancer and even helps to soothe the pains of pregnancy, and soreness occurring after the baby is born.

Reflexology what is it?

Toowoomba ReflexologyReflexology has been used for thousands of years and is still popular as an alternative to the invasive and pharmaceutical-based health regimens of modern medicine.

The ancient Chinese and Egyptians have documented practices like reflexology as a treatment for certain afflictions. It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet, and ears that affect certain reflex areas of the body. Imagine the reflexology points in your hands and feet as "controllers" that can be used to make adjustments to connected parts of the body.  The "controllers" have been studied over centuries by reflexology practitioners and now much of that theory has been ratified by documented contemporary scientific studies. 

A lot of the theory behind reflexology has to do with aligning your "qi", but even for those who normally don’t invest much in this discipline of health, the current scientific studies support the claims of reflexologists.

Reflexology Techniques

The techniques of reflexology include finger or thumb walking, where the reflexologist walks the finger or thumb over different areas of the feet in a set sequence, massaging and kneading of the foot using the whole hand. The experience is generally firm, but gentle, and should never cause discomfort or pain.
Although results vary from individual to individual, the soothing action of reflexology generally leaves the recipient feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful afterward.


Edals reflexology Toowoomba has been practiced for many years so call Lyn to make a booking for yourself to experience the benefits.



"Lynn is fantastic and her experience in health sets her apart. During physio rehab for a dislocated shoulder and fracture thanks to massage therapy my range of movement was returned in a matter of months rather than 18 months-2 years."  - Lenora


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